Buying an Outdoor Dog House for Your Lab

Many people purchasing a dog house for the first time are a little overwhelmed by all the options out there. What things are really necessary to keep your dog cozy and protected? The very first thing you will need to determine is that you really need an outdoor doghouse at all.

A dog that has always lived inside will not want to move outside, no matter how nice the dog house. Since dogs are very social animals, they will probably find life with you indoors more attractive. While your dog may not move outdoors permanently, many outdoor dog houses can give your dog shelter if they need to spend a short time outdoors.

There are some dogs, including guard dogs, which will need to spend all their time outdoors. Dog houses for dogs that spend all their time outdoors should be very comfortable and strong. It does not matter how long a dog is used to being outside always make sure you check on him often to make sure he is safe.

A large dog house is not always more comfortable for the dog. This is an important point for those who live where the weather gets cold. A dog house which is exceptionally large will not allow your dog to generate enough heat to warm it up. The best dog house will be just large enough for your dog to turn around comfortably and lay down without touching the sides. The door to the dog house should be large enough to enable your dog to enter it without scrunching down.

The floor of the dog house should be several inches off the ground the keep water runoff and moisture out. Bedding can be made from straw which is changed regularly. If you live where it snows you want a sloped roof to allow the snow to run off. Pressure treated wood contains toxic chemicals and it should not be used for any part of the dog house that your dog comes into contact with. Before you decide that your dog should live outdoors make sure it can handle it. Smaller dogs are usually not built for outdoor life while larger working dogs should be fine.

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